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So much for watching 'Calcium Kid'. I got this survey thing from [ profile] ally81's (I think) lj ages ago. I just haven't had the time and patience to fill it. I do like filling these but they don't usually have hundreds of questions. And I stil haven't managed to fill the whole thing. But I'm gonna put it in here in bits. I thought about sending it as usual but as it's so long... feel free to fill up and put it up so I can read it : D

part. 1

What time is it? 2:50pm

******the basics******

1. Full name: Minna Maria Linnea Kautonen

2. Birthday: November 10, 1980

3. Location: Lingfield, UK

4. Where else have u lived: Kotka and Pori, Finland, 5 weeks in Switzerland, it wasn’t really a vacation so I’d call it living

5. School/mascot/colors: didn’t have those

6. Zodiac sign: Scorpio

7. Shoe size: 6 (38-39)


8. Height: 164.5 cm (5’ something)

9. Weight: I lead quite a happy life without knowing

10. Pets: sadly none, had to give them away and dog’s with the family

11. Siblings: 3 half sisters and 2 half brothers (though 1 sis and 1 bro are more like full ones)

12. Eye color: blue

13. Hair color: brownish, waiting for the blonde to grow out

14. Hair length: on my shoulders

15. Ever died ur hair?: too many times

16. What color?: red (about 10 times prolly), plum, blonde, darker brown

17. Natural hair color?: very boring brown

18. Are u good in school?: not really no, didn’t get to do the stuff I wanted so… just wait and see when I get to uni… :p

19. hobbies: archery, surfing the net, reading, listening to music, movies, dancing, collecting stuff, going to Rasmus gigs (that’s practically a hobby by now :p)

20. Nicknames: Minttu, MK

21. What languages do you speak? english, finnish and I do still remember some swedish, french and german

22. Do you play sports? Not apart from archery and dancing and the occasional swimming/diving

23. Where were you born? Kotka, Finland

24. Are you a night or a morning person? night

25. Are you ticklish? yes

26. Do you believe in god? no

27. Do you have any other screen names?: yep

28. What are they?: Alessae Greenleaf, Nessa, Eeron Muffinssi, Miksu-Muksis, minttu80, Legolas’s Tiara

29. Do you have braces?: no

30. Do you have glasses/ contacts?: glasses

!!!!!!getting personal!!!!!!

31. What do you want to be when you grow up? A marine biologist

32. What was the worst day of your life? When my granpa died, when our first dog had to be put down (still not over it) and not that this really compares to the other 2 but when I went to surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed (never wanted my mom to be with me so much than at that moment)

33. What is your most embarrassing story? I dunno, I do embarrassing stuff all the time, though it doesn’t bother me that much usually

34. What has been the best day of your life? Can’t point out one single day. The day I met Nick Carter for the first time (actually every time I met him), also both times when I met Jason Donovan and everytime I’ve met Eero Heinonen, the day I started archery, when my old dance school did “Poriverdance”, when I got ‘Millennium’ and when we got our first dog Boris :’)

35. What comes first in your life? family and friends, being happy and enjoying life

36. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/crush? No to the first two, dunno about the third one…

37. What are you most scared of?: losing someone important and dear to me, not living life to the full

38. If you had an extra set of eyes were would you put them? back of my head

39. What do you usually think about before you go to bed? People I love

40. What do you regret the most? Not handcuffing myself to Nick when I met him :p …seriously; not doing better in school

41. If you could be anything without consequences, what would u be?: a killerwhale…or I’d like to be a witch (HP kind of witch)


42. Movie: Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Free Willy, White Fang, HP & PoA, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Walk To Remember, The Mummy, Lion King, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Disney’s Robin Hood, LOTR, Dirty Dancing, Singin’ In The Rain, The Thing Called Love, Casper, While You Were Sleeping, Spiderman 1 & 2, Emma, Nicholas Nickelby, The Mask Of Zorro, Sleepy Hollow, Speed, Calcium Kid

43. Song: Beautiful Woman, More Than That, The Call, IWITW, SMTMOBL, Get Down by Backstreet Boys, I Got You, Payback by Nick Carter, NLTOG, Last Waltz, Heartbreaker, Days, Rakkauslaulu by The Rasmus, Full of Grace by Sarah McLachlan, Only Hope by Mandy Moore/Switchfoot, Everything I Do, Heaven, Please Forgive Me by Bryan Adams, A Whole New World form Aladdin ost, Circle Of Life from Lion King ost, Close Every Door, Rhythm of The Rain, Happy Together by Jason Donovan, Blame It On Your Heart Deborah Allen, Sininen Sointu by Samuli Edelmann, Close Your Eyes (The Buffy/Angel Love Theme) by Christophe Beck (not really a song though)

44. Band/group/singer: Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, The Rasmus, Samuli Edelmann, Bryan Adams, Jonny Lang, Sarah McLachlan, Jason Donovan

45. Store: Ebay, HMV, Virgin, New Look, Disney Store, The Cinema Store, Forbidden Planet, Schuh Store

46. Relative: my mum, little sister Ellu and cousin Mikko

47. Sport: archery, dancing, tennis, swimming, riding

48. Vacation spot: Florida (never been there though), Scotland

49. Ice cream flavor: cookies ‘n’ cream, mint choc chip

50. Fruit: banana, strawberry

51. Candy: plain M&M’s, marshmallows, mint Twix, Fazer’s yellow nut chocolate

52. Car: yellow New Beetle

53. Class: biology, music

54. Holiday: Halloween, Christmas

55. Day of the week: I like all of them just the same

56. Color: blue, green, pink

57. Magazine: Heat, Glamour, Total Film, SFX

58. Name for a girl: Anna, Angel, Alessae, Marian

59. Name for a boy: River, Daniel, Nicholas, Jason, Connor, Samuli, Santeri

60. Sports team: none

61: month: June, July, August

62. Man athlete: used to support Jani Sievinen and Mika Hakkinen, no one anymore really

63. Female athlete: dunno, prolly the Williams sisters

64. Actress: Nicole Kidman, Emma Watson, Sandra Bullock, Mandy Moore, Anne Hathaway, Larisa Oleynik, Rachel Weisz, Keira Knightley, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Megan Follows

65. Actor: Orlando Bloom, Jason Donovan, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Christian Slater, Devon Sawa, David Boreanaz, Daniel Radcliffe, Ethan Hawke, Keanu Reeves, Shane West, Bill Pullman, Alan Cumming, Jason James Richter, Charlie Hunnam, Brendan Fraser, Seth Green, Jonathan Crombie, Paul Fraser

66. Tv show: Angel, BtVS, Due South, Northern Exposure, Vintiot, Dawson’s Creek, Roswell, Twin Peaks, Anne Of Green Gables, Road To Avonlea, Superman (with Dean Cain), Young Riders, Boy Meets World, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman…nothing really that’s on tv anymore

67. Web site: Portkey, BabbleBoard, Legolas Greenleaf, International TR Forum, LJ, JKR

68. Animal: killer whales, dolphins, yorkshire terriers, gerbils

69. E-mail buddy: all my friends

70. Joke: how about those muffins Eero…

71. Saying: oh my gosh/goodness

72. Word: dunno, yep

73. Brand of shoes: don’t really have any particular brand

74. Radio station: don’t do any radio

75. Room in your house: my room

76. Concert you have been to: Backstreet Boys, The Rasmus, Jonny Lang, Samuli Edelmann

77. Cd: Millennium by BSB, Into by The Rasmus, HP & PoA ost, A Walk To Remember ost, The Lion King Collection, Best of Me by Bryan Adams, Greatest Hits by Samuli Edelmann

78. President: hmm…difficult to say, I did like Mauno Koivisto but I think I was too young to say whether he was good

79. Salad: tuna/rice

80. Meat: Chicken

81. Pizza topping: tuna and extra cheese

82. State: Florida, lol

83. City: Edinburgh, London

84. Lake: oh gosh, I dunno… I’ll say Loch Ness since it was nice trying to spot Nessie LOL

85. Ocean: Atlantic

86. Place to be: nightime on beach somewhere warm, in theatre watching something good, or at some good concert/gig

87. Smell: the ocean, vanilla, ginger biscuits cooking, fresh strawberries

88. Sound: waves, kids laughing, an arrow flying

89. Taste: finnish strawberries

90. Feeling: happy, the feeling you get in a gig or when I’ve met Nick or Eero

91. College: -

92. Number: 2

93. Book: A Walk to Remember and A Bend In The Road by Nicholas Sparks, Harry Potter and the POA, GOF & OOTP by JK Rowling, The Outlaws of Sherwood by Robin McKinley, The Nanny by Melissa Nathan, Emma by Jane Austen, White Fang by Jack London, The Hottest State by Ethan Hawke, Buffy/Angel Unseen Trilogy by Nancy Holder and Jeff Mariotte, Buffy/Angel Monster Island by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski, Anne Of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

94. Vacation spot: would love to go to FL, Scotland

95. Grandma: Helmi (she’s really my only granny as far as I’m concerned)

96. Grandpa: Jussi who passed away almost 10 years ago

97. Cereal: cornflakes, Golden Grahams

*~*~not so favorite~*~*

98. Car: dunno really, let’s say old Lada

99. Color: neon yellow, brown, grey

100. Teacher: chemistry teacher Antti Salminen (never heard a teacher curse so much), P.E. teacher Anita Rantasarkka (always touching and judged you by the way you look)

101. Class: philosophy even though I liked the teacher, just couldn’t understand any of it

102. Day of the week and why: -

103. Holiday: Valentine's Day

104. Season: winter in Finland

105. Month: September in Finland (too soggy and miserable)

106. Sport: soccer, god I hate that sport… ice hockey too .. urgh!

107. Sports team: -

108. Male athlete: Michael Shucmacher (or however you spell his name), or can you actually call him an athlete..anyway.. he’s just annoying

109. Female athlete: Anna Kournikova, she’s just everywhere and was she ever really that good

110. Movie: stupid, pointless teeny bopper movies with bad actors, Kansas City

111. Actress: Britney Spears…lmao, Dawn French

112. Actor: George Clooney..URGH!, Vin Diesel, Arnold Shawrtsit or something other

113. T.V. Show: Teletubbies (thank goodness the twins have outgrown them), reality shows, soap operas

114. Web site: I dunno, any hate sites

115. Food: seafood (apart from some fish)

116. Drink: most alcohol, coffee

117. Band: N’Sync (they do have some ok songs…but the voices…), Westlife (they’re just plain annoying), The Darkness URGH!

118. Male singer: Justine..oops, Justin Timberlake, Eamon, Sean Paul

119. Female singer: Holly Valance, Blu Cantrell

120. Animal: spiders

121. Store: -

122. Video rental store: -

123. E-mail buddy: there was this one girl who was rather annoying, haven’t bumped into her for a long while though

124. Joke: Huh?

125. Saying: -

126. Word: -

127. Brand of shoes: no idea

128. Radio station: -

129. Room in your house: maybe the cellar (too much Blair Witch)

130. Concert you have been to: None that I didn’t like

131. Cd: why would I own a cd I hated?

132. President: Bush could go and get lost

133. Salad: some funny cheese salad

134. Meat: rubbery meat, or meat with a lot of fat

135. Pizza topping: mushrooms

136. State: ???

137. City: ????

138. Lake: ???

139. Ocean: how can you hate an ocean?

140. Place to be: dentist, surgery room in hospital

141. Smell: Anything that smells bad

142. Sound: Horrible music, Mr. Timberlake singing, forks/knives scraping on plates, nails scraping on chalk board, gnashing teeth together (or how ever you’d put it)

143. Taste: Bitter, too spicy

144. Feeling: Stressed, sad, lonely

145. Letter: the swedish O

146. Date: February 14

147. Book: books on any war

148. Vacation spot: somewhere cold

149. Grandma: my father’s mother

150. Grandpa: my father’s father

151. Cereal: weetabix

^^^^^^in the past 24 hours have you^^^^^^

152. Had a serious talk? Hmm, what’s serious?

153. Hugged someone? yes

154. Fought with a friend? no

155. Cried? almost

156. Laughed? Yes

157. Made someone laugh? Yep, made Eero laugh a bit, so sweet :)

158. Bought something? Bunch of tickets (to TR gigs and Chitty) and a lego sort of Leggy

159. Cut your hair? Fringe yes

160. Felt stupid? Not surprisingly

161 talked to someone you love? yes

162. Missed someone? yes

??????have you ever??????

163. Done drugs? No

164. Eaten an entire box of oreos? Not at one go

165. Been dumped? Sort of, I guess

166. Had someone be unfaithful to you? no

167. Watched punky brewster? Huh?

168. Hiked a mountain? Tunturi yes

169. Stayed home on saturday night, just because? Yes

170. Been in love? I’d like to think so, yes

171. Seen the white house? Well, there’s a house down the road from us that’s called The White House, but if you mean the other one then just on telly :p

172. Seen the Eiffel tower? Telly only

173. Tried smoking? no

174. Drank alcohol? Yes

175. Smoked marijuana? No

176. Played monopoly? Yeah, don’t like it too much though, but I’d love to try the LOTR version *g*

178. Seen titanic? The movie, yes

179. Kissed someone? French? Yes. Kissed someone French? No. :p

180. French kissed someone? This went very personal…

181. Lost your virginity? VERY personal lol

182. Tried a weight loss program? yep

183. Jumped on a trampoline? yep

184. Visited another country? Yep, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, I guess you could count Scotland and I live in England nowadays

185. Colored in a coloring book(and had fun)? Yes

186. Had a bubble bath? yes

187. Been on a plane? Yes

188. Been on a boat? yes

189. Been on a train? yes

190. Been in a car accident? Sort of, if you count bumping slightly into a post  

191. Ridden an elephant? yes

192. Made a web page? Yes, few but they’re all closed

193. Played with barbies? Yeah, I loved them.

194. Stayed up all night? Yeah

195. Shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean? Still do

196. Broken a bone? Yep, my ankle and wrist

197. Called a physchic or sex hotline? Lol no

198. Watched jerry springer? Nope, they’ve never showed it where I’ve been at the time

199. Gotten in trouble for talking in class? Yeah

200. Been afraid of the dark? Yes, not that much anymore

201. Been in the hospital(not visiting)? Yep, too many times for my liking

202. Had stitches? Yes

203. Dumped someone and regretted it? No

204. Went out with more than one person at a time? No

205. Lied? Yes

206. Been arrested? No

207. Fallen asleep in class? Yes

208. Used food for something other than to eat? yep

209. Met a celebrity? Yes, few :)

210. Broken the law? Stole some sweets when I was a kiddie

211. Ever loved someone so much it made you cry? Yes

212. Hated yourself? Yup, not so much anymore though

213. Been brokenhearted? Yes

214. Broken someone’s heart? Not that I know of

215. Wanted to kill someone? Well, I was ready to kill Miss Hilton a few days ago

216. Fell off a chair?: Yes

217. Lap danced? Given or received? Nope to either

218. Been in a fist fight? No

219. Been in a cat fight? LOL yeah with my sister, but nothing too bad :)

~~~~~~do you~~~~~~

220. Like to give hugs? yes

221. Like to walk in the rain? Yeah

222. Sleep with or without clothes on? With

223. Prefer black or blue pens? blue

224. Dress up on halloween? Yeah

225. Have a job? Well I’m an au pair/nanny<BR style="mso-special-chara

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Wow we have way too many things in common. lol


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