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2007-10-25 12:15 am

Fantastic music.. what more can you ask? Go BUY! :)

Got mine today.. it's got 'Close My Eyes'.. WOHOO!!

Inconsolable Out Now

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2006-06-09 04:21 pm

short message

I've finally decided to go full on 'friends only' as I've had enough random ppl reading and making random comments. If you're not on my friends list but would like to be, let me know :)
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2004-09-06 11:33 pm


So much for watching 'Calcium Kid'. I got this survey thing from [livejournal.com profile] ally81's (I think) lj ages ago. I just haven't had the time and patience to fill it. I do like filling these but they don't usually have hundreds of questions. And I stil haven't managed to fill the whole thing. But I'm gonna put it in here in bits. I thought about sending it as usual but as it's so long... feel free to fill up and put it up so I can read it : D

part. 1

Big survey, questions 1-225 )<BR style="mso-special-chara